Richard Calliope


Character: Richard Calliope
Template: Pure Human
High Concept Aspect: Pilot of everything from Private to Military fighter planes
Trouble Aspect: Having both feet planted solidly on the ground.


My parents weren´t rich to the point of I got everything I pointed at.
They were just very good at saving up both of them and their monthly pay check were
substantial. For much of my later childhood and all through my teenage years we, among many
other nifty things, had a paintball arena and enough guns that we could fill two full teams and
play for hours, I don´t know where the paintballs came from there were just always enough.
Now you may ask yourself isen´t paintball perhaps a bit dangerous to a child even a larger
child? Well maybe but my parents also believed that pain was an excellent teacher. So while
other children played 2-3 children at a time with plastic toys making gun sounds with there
mouths I played full scale paintball matches with my friends.
Later when acquaintances played Counter-Strike on PC I kept playing paintball with my
Friends. And soon in the beginning teen years I developed an interest in tactics and played an
active front line military commander laying strategies, while my friends took turns being
commander of the opposition. In the end I got to be really good at it even without any actual
military training.

Aspect: War is not a game anymore

Rising Conflict:

Uncomfortable being a leader and being in the spotlight especially making
decisions multiple people depend on being the right call.

Aspect: I´d much rather follow the leader than be the leader to follow

The Story:
Story Title:
Guest Starring:

Er overbevist om at Zombie problemet stammer fra en menneskeskab
Virus der er løbet løbsk for Amerikanerne, og som skulle være blevet brugt
i biokemisk krigsførsel med et hvert land der kunne våge at gå i krig med
det mægtige U.S.A.

Aspect: Paranoid konspirations teoretiker omkring Zombie apokalypsen.





Armor Etc.:






Power Level: Up to your waist

Skill Cap: Good

Skill Points Spent:

Total Available:

Base Refresh Level:

Adjusted Refresh:

FP From Last Session:


Good (+3): Alertness, Driving (Airplanes), Conviction

  1. of slots:

Fair (+2): Guns, Contacts, Scholarship

  1. of slots:

Stunts and Powers:

Cost Ability

Total Refresh Adjustment:

Physical Appearance:

Sorte Cowboy bukser, Sorte spidse “Suit Sko”.
Skjorte, sort med sorte striber.
Fløjel/Silke vest med et snørklet mønster I.
Sort top hat.
Bleg hud.
Langt hår sort meget glat, omkring til ned til skuldrene.
Skæg klippet I en tynd stribe fra ørene, når det når ned omkring
Munden bliver det mere fuldt men stadig tæt klippet under munden,
Og går I en tynd streg på hver side af mundvigene op og danner et tyndt
overskæg under næsten.
Har en nøgle med et underligt mønster I en snor om halsen.
Markante sorte øjenbryn.

Richard Calliope

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