Laura Reece


Character: Laura Reece
Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept Aspect: General at the Fort
Trouble Aspect: I must protect my people.


My father raised me to be a good person. Don’t steal, don’t kill,
avoid fights. Threat others as you would like to be treated.
But people in general aren’t good. I was picked on in school.
The one you could do anything to because I didn’t strike back.
I reeled in my anger. Always trying to be good like dad taught me.
Even though a lot of negative emotion tore my insides, mind and body.

Aspect:. I am not an angel

Rising Conflict:

I had a very close relationship with my father, normally the little
girl is perhaps closer to her mother than father, but I always had a
closer bond with my father than my mother. Not that we weren´t
close we were, I was just closer to my father. When I did activity I
did them with my father. Like fishing, hunting, going to the shooting range stuff like that.
My father was a police man, and he wanted me to follow in his foot steps, and I did, it´s just, the world
went to shit and now the police isen´t there anymore, so I took a different calling. My father is dead now though, as is my
mother, I am just happy that I got to grow up with them. It was hard meeting my father on his dead bed, the hardest thing
I´ve ever experienced. He told me he was proud of me, of our time together and proud of the woman I had become, and following in
his foodsteps. He gave me his service weapon then and told me to take care of it, and to remember him by it.

Aspect:. I inherited my fathers semi automatic Walther PP

The Story:
Story Title:
Guest Starring:

I run the Fort now, the last safe haven in Denmark. Our last stand against the zombie horde. My moral code comes from my father and his teachings, and from the police, it was my
job to serve and protect back when jobs still existed, it´s still what I do it´s just isen´t my job anymore it´s my calling. Why do I do it? Because it needs doing, because it must be
done, because I want to ensure we survive, I must protect people, I must protect the children, the children is our future, we have to win, man kind has to survive and look to the future, the children is our future, they are the light in this dark time, I will do anything in my power to protect people, especially the children.

Aspect: Children are the light in a world of Darkness.





Armor Etc.:






Power Level: Up to Your Waist

Skill Cap: Great

Skill Points Spent:

Total Available:

Base Refresh Level:

Adjusted Refresh:

FP From Last Session:


Great (+4): Rapport, Weapons

  1. of slots:

Good (+3): Guns, Survival

  1. of slots:

Fair (+2): Deciet, Empathy, Alertness

  1. of slots:

Stunts and Powers:

Cost Ability

-1 Sex Appeal
-1 Wall of Death
-1 Riposte

Total Refresh Adjustment: -3

FP: 4

Make the players prove their worth to the leader, give them an errand to run before they can enter the Fort.
Skaf våben og ammunition fra Vajsen rockerne?
Skaf medicin fra et nedlagt Novo Nordisk laboratorie?
Skaf mad fra et lager eller en producent? Danish Crown?
Skaf brændsel, lys, energi, kul? Benzin, fra minen?

Former police woman.

Physical Description: Longhaired Redhead, milk white skin, green eyes, small sensual mouth, 165 cm høj.

Laura Reece

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