Jeffrey "Jeff" Knight


Character: Jeffrey “Jeff” Knight
Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept Aspect: Prankster Zombie Hunter
Trouble Aspect: Sucker for a pretty face


Jeff is more of a real fighter than his brother is.
Actual training as a hobby, and from the start planned as
a survival skill, he dosen´t enjoy it but he knows how to do it.
He´s been “fighting” with his brother when they
were younger like most brothers do,
but he´s very protective of his brother and will protect him
ferociously. With his brother he brawls for fun,
with others who are a real threat he gets serious and fights
for survival.

Aspect: Nobody touches my brother but me.

Rising Conflict:

I love music of many different genres and artists. There´s
nothing better than hearing a favorit artist on the radio or
in a store.
I´m one of those people who won´t leave the car, the apartment
or the store before my favorite song has come to an end. This
has proven to be problematic at times and a big annoyance for
my brother. Especially with this Zombie situation we´ve got
going on.

Aspect: If these were the last beats of my heart I would
dance to them

The Story:
Story Title:
Guest Starring:

I still remember when life was just fiction. I remember when I
got scared for the characters in Kadavermarch when my
brother used to read it to me.
I remember the chills the cold down my spine.
I remember the nervousness and the jumps, and then we
closed the book for the night and everything would be fine,
and we would maybe play a game together or watch a movie.
That was the good old days.
Now a days we can´t shut the book for the day,
we can´t go off to something else to get our minds out of
these lines of thoughts and just go have fun.
It is real, there is no escaping the Walking Dead.
When jobs shot down, when education didn´t matter
anymore we turned to a calling that seemed to matter the most.
We started killing zombies as what we did,
as what we were good at.
We studied them, trained in weapon use, combat and running.
Running is healthy and recently it´s a really useful skill,
so you can run away be faster than the zombies and find
a place to hide. Our life now, is thinning the herd,
giving man kind a chance at survival.
Z-Day has come, the zombies walk the earth, and we are
doing our best to keep them from winning, to be the
new dominant species roaming the earth.

Aspect: Oh shit brother, Kadavermarch, it can´t be, it is real.





Armor Etc.:






Power Level: Up to Your Waist

Skill Cap: Good

Skill Points Spent:

Total Available:

Base Refresh Level:

Adjusted Refresh:

FP From Last Session:


Good (+3): Intimidation, Athletics, Discipline

  1. of slots:

Fair (+2): Empathy, Endurance, Fists

  1. of slots:

Stunts and Powers:

Cost Ability

-1 Interrorgator
-1 You don´t want any of this (page 132)
-1 Calm blue ocean

Total Refresh Adjustment: -3

FP: 4


Older Brother

Physical description:

Middle height, gray eyes, brown spikey hair which is a bit longer
than his brothers.
Often wears sunglasses.
Is often seen in a blue/black trench coat.
Beard is almost always stubble like someone who shaves often
but not quite often enough.
Blue cowboy jeans.
Middle height, slim build.

Jeffrey "Jeff" Knight

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