Hidden Character 4


This is made just so I have it not for use in the game since I´m a

Character: Nick Asselberghs
Template: Zombie
High Concept Aspect: I diden´t choose the Geek Life, the geeklife took my hand and whispered “Run”
Trouble Aspect: Hey my name is Nick and I am a Sushi Addict


Throughout my life I´ve been hooked on a lot of different stuff,
it´s changed over time but I´m always addicted to something,
wether it´s a book like Harry Potter series, or now
The Dresden Files. Or a TV Show like Knight Rider or
Jessica Jones. There´s always something I can´t not be
thoroughly occupied to something or other.

Aspect: What do you mean I´m obsessed with …

Rising Conflict:

If you don´t have family you have nothing at all. Family is love, support, morality, they can be your guide.
It´s the ones you love to spend time with, it´s the ones you would do anything to help.
Family is your parents, your siblings, but it is also your closest friends.
Those who know you inside and out, those who knows your secrets, your darkness, the ones you spend all your time with,
the ones you will do anything to help when they need it, and the ones you know you can depend on to help you no matter what.
In the immortal words of the Widow MacDonagh: “A friend will help you move, a really good friend will help you move a body”.

Aspect: Anything for family in spirit and by blood alike

The Story:
Story Title:
Guest Starring:

Yes I´m a geek, yes I have a hard time socializing in general. It
takes time to get to know me, I´m an introvert.
I´m less than graceful when meeting new people, especially women.
I´m a goodhearted romantic, with all the right ideas, I just tend to
screw them up, unintentionally. My confidence can be put in a very
small place. It gets better with time but it goes slowly. And I lack
some basic social interactive capabilities because I am who I am.
Which has lead to a limited bumpy romantic life which was quite
late to bloom in the first place. I´ll get there in the end I hope.

Aspect: The awkward romantic who can´t get a date





Armor Etc.:






Power Level:

Skill Cap:

Skill Points Spent:

Total Available:

Base Refresh Level:

Adjusted Refresh:

FP From Last Session:


Good (+3): Discipline, Endurance, Intimidation

  1. of slots:

Fair (+2): Athletics, Contacts, Resources

  1. of slots:

Stunts and Powers:

Cost Ability

Total Refresh Adjustment:

Physical Appearance:

Well this is me we are talking about, I look like me, in my “The building
was on fire and it wasen´t my fault” t-shirt and blue cowboy jeans.
The t-shirt is bloody and torn but the text isen´t harmed, my skin is green,
eyes empty hungry, slashes of open wounds on my face, arms and legs,
Oosing blood and puss liquids that will leave you with a feeling that you
don´t feel like eating right now. Nose broken but the brain is obviously
not destroyed. Around my mouth it looks like somebody took a knife and
widened my “smile” from ear to ear, flaps of meat and skin hanging loosely
exposing zombie teeth completely, looks very unhealthy and unappetizing.

Hidden Character 4

Udødedansen Asselberghs