David Gibson


Character: David Gibson
Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept Aspect: I want to be General instead of the General.
Trouble Aspect: I must do what must be done no matter the method.


My father was a tough bastard, unfortunately he believed in tough
love. His philosophy seemed to be it´s a tough world and you´ve got
to be tough to survive. He enforced discipline, obedience and order
in his household. Nobody should disobey him, not my mother and
not me. When I did I was beaten, beaten bloody and then patched
up. My father saw the beatings as a sane parent might see a
spanking. Something unsavory that had to be done to be a good
parent. It was a really tough childhood, mostly living in fear but I
must admit it has shaped who I am today.

Aspect: You´ve got to be tough to survive

Rising Conflict:

I was educated to be a police man, I did all the training, all the
theory, passed every test with flying colors. I worked with them for
a few years, until I was kicked out for police brutality. I cared about
the power, the position, being in authority, being able to be the
boss, in every situation, when you face regular people, especially if
you can make them think they did something wrong, you can just
watch them squirm. But I got a dishonorable discharge when they
figured out I abused my power and did not care to uphold the law.
All I was after was being in control.

Aspect: I must be in authority don´t you get that?

The Story:
Story Title:
Guest Starring:

I was a former rent-a-thug, hired bodyguard, hitman, goon. As long
as the pay was good enough, I did not much care what I was doing.
My loyalty and morality was with whoever had my contract at the
time. I had no scruples turning on anyone, all I cared about was the
size of the paycheck, and I must admit I enjoyed my work immensly

Aspect: Loyalty to the highest bidder





Armor Etc.:






Power Level: Up to your waist

Skill Cap: Good

Skill Points Spent:

Total Available:

Base Refresh Level:

Adjusted Refresh:

FP From Last Session:


Good (+3): Discipline, Guns, Fists

  1. of slots:

Fair (+2): Presence, Deceit, Alertness

  1. of slots:

Stunts and Powers:

Cost Ability

Total Refresh Adjustment:

Physical Appearance:

Brunt hår, en anelse vildt vokset, pandehåret går ned og dækker hele
panden. Hvor håret slutter, starter et stort brunt fuldskæg. Som går ned og
dækker for halsen helt men ikke ned over brystkassen.
En smule over middelhøjde.
Almindelig af bygning. Er ofte klædt i et suit.

David Gibson

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