Alex Loregast


Character: Alex Loregast
Template: Pure Mortal
High Concept Aspect: Adventurous rapporter
Trouble Aspect: I think there´s a story here, I must know more.


It´s my job to talk to people, it´s my job to find the story, to rapport
the truth. In general I´m good at being social, I´m really good at
getting people to tell me stuff. That´s how I get my stories after all.
So long as I don´t have to talk to women, I´ve always had trouble
with the opposite sex ever since childhood. Dosen´t matter if it´s a
date, casual conversation, an interview or whatever.
If there´s a woman involved I loose my cool, my social capabilities, I
fumble, get nervous and I don´t go anywhere, I try my best and I
try to improve but I lack confidence I guess regardless of what I do,
so it´s a bit of a problem if I have to find out information from a
woman, I try my best obviously but my best in this regard is rarely

Aspect: Women are my kryptonite

Rising Conflict:

In school I was always really good at sports, I didn’t enjoy it at all but I am physically fit and always have been,I rarely go out of breath and so I was good at it,
I am fast I have no idea why but I am. Anyway this lead my parents to sign me up for sports hoping someday I would become professional. I went along with it for years just avoiding
the argument with my parents until one day I had enough. I’m not sure my father ever forgave me for as he puts it, wasting my potential.
I’m just not a sports jock regardless of my physique, my mind is that of a geek and so that is what I am.

Aspect: Body of an athlete mind of a geek

The Story:
Story Title:
Guest Starring:

I´ve had Morrigan for a while now, she´s my best friend and
she´s really good at what she does. My profession is as a rapporter
my job is to find information and a good story, and Morrigan is
really good at sniffing out stuff that the parties involved don´t want us to find. Which gives me a good story and puts money in my
pocket. Sometimes it seems like she has more than normal dog
Intelligence, or perhaps dogs are just at their core as smart as
humans, because she seems that way some times.

Aspect: My Labrador Morrigan





Armor Etc.:






Power Level: Up to Your Waist

Skill Cap: Good

Skill Points Spent:

Total Available:

Base Refresh Level:

Adjusted Refresh:

FP From Last Session:


Good (+3): Rapport, Discipline, Athletics

  1. of slots:

Fair (+2): Alertness, Endurance , Deceit, Investigation

  1. of slots:

Stunts and Powers:

Cost Ability

-1 Calm Blue Ocean
-1 Supreme Concentration
-1 Unshakeable

Total Refresh Adjustment: -3

FP: 4

Note: Er et mix mellem Sara Jane Smith og Tintin.

Physical Description:

Jittery lean white guy in a white close fitting plain t-shirt black
trousers long enough to wear in everyday situations but mostly
looks like running shorts possibly for winter.

Alex Loregast

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